It should go without saying that people are a business’ biggest asset. At 4Ps, we’re lucky that people and their best interests have been at the heart of the company since day one. To ensure their message stuck, Matt and Chris created our company mission statement:

To strive for personal, client and agency growth.

This statement epitomises everything Matt, Chris and our CEO, Paul Smith, want the company to achieve. If we invest time, energy and money into growing our people – honing their skills, developing them as human beings, providing them with an exciting career – they will in turn deliver fantastic, innovative work for our clients. Ultimately, this grows the agency as we win more business and retain our clients.

Happy 4Ps People

4Ps has grown from just Matt and Chris to 60 employees in a short space of time, which is testament to our leadership’s hard work in creating the perfect environment for people to flourish. Our people are at the forefront of everything we do. Each year, we try to ensure our offering is continually improving – not only to attract the brightest new talent, but also to retain the amazing talent we have (and are proud to say we’ve helped develop).

My team and I are determined to make 4Ps The Best Place To Work, and receiving feedback is an invaluable part of this. Employee engagement companies like Benefex and Best Companies facilitate this feedback process. 2015 saw 4Ps seek an external ‘badge of approval’ in this area for the first time as we took part in the ‘Best Companies’ survey where we achieved ‘Outstanding’ status and obtained 2 out of 3 stars.

As Luke Knight, 4Ps’ Head of Client Strategy, wrote in his post on The Importance of a Happy Client, instant actionable insight into happiness is vital in a business. The Happiness Index is a simple tool that allows our staff to rate (on a scale of 1-10) how happy they are as an employee of 4Ps. They can also provide feedback directly to us – good, bad, constructive or otherwise. We’ve been sending The Happiness Index out on a quarterly basis since Summer 2013, and have been able to make real, effective changes based on the feedback we receive. Our most recent survey yielded our best ever score with a 100% response rate, proving that our staff really see the value in taking part.

Heading into a new financial year, we’re excited to continue improving the work environment at 4Ps. We’re hoping that our unique mix – training and skill development plans, wellbeing sessions, mental health awareness, gym membership, staggered working hours, flexible working, new pension scheme, Spotify playlists, social activities – will deliver and keep our 4Ps people happier than they’ve ever been!

I feel both honoured and proud to work at 4Ps – honoured to work for a company that is so passionate about the happiness of their staff, and proud that my main objective is to focus on ensuring that everyone at 4Ps is a happy bunny.

This is only one of the many reasons 4Ps isn’t just another London SEO agency. To discuss how content, search and technology are evolving together to meet new demands from brands and customers alike, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and user behaviour across all inbound channels.