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Jamie Oliver Content Driven SEO Campaign

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef known around the world for his television shows, recipe books, restaurants and food education campaigning. 4Ps have been working for the brand principally on its main domain, JamieOliver.com, for over four years, using search marketing content-led best practice and research to boost the brand’s organic visibility.

As the main site objectives for JamieOliver.com arebased around traffic 4Ps focuses on bringing a strategic approach that provides insights around search trends and query volume to the brand’s editorial team.

Objective: to continuously increase organic traffic to JamieOliver.com by driving the brand’s content strategy with insights into search-based user trends and behaviour.

The Problem

With a large editorial team, JamieOliver.com struggles to allocate resource to content creation to where it will have the biggest and best impact to drive traffic to the website. Because of the nature of driving revenue through onsite advertising, it is not practical for the publisher to use paid traffic acquisition so the vast majority of sessions must be driven by purely organic methods.

The Solution

4Ps provides ongoing strategic services to JamieOliver.com’s in-house content team in order to help direct their efforts to high growth and new breakout trends in the food and drink market, informed by search and query based research to identify trend peaks and likely traffic patterns.


Thanks to 4Ps, Jamie Oliver now has SEO built in at the DNA level of the brand – in addition to providing retainer services, the agency undertakes regular internal training of marketing and editorial staff to continually raise expertise levels and aid continual growth. With organic search now driving over 80% of traffic to the site, there’s no argument from stakeholders that the approach has paid off!

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