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Locally Targeted PPC Optimisation For Storage King

Storage King is a UK-operated self-storage company with storage locations right across the UK offering storage space from the size of a telephone box to the size of a tennis court. The 4Ps paid search team stepped in to help with their PPC optimisation for a large account with physical stores all over the UK.

The Problem

Over time the PPC account structure had grown beyond the initial purpose and was difficult to effectively optimise for 13 physical stores all with local and national targeting. Keyword match types were all held in the same campaigns and adding new locations and additional keywords was becoming difficult.

Through many years there were also many ad copy variations that were currently being used but none of them stood out in a very crowded SERP with plenty of competition from both local and national competitors.

The Solution

4Ps created a granular account structure which contained keyword variations for each physical location. This involved campaigns targeted to both the geographic area and campaigns targeted nationally with location within the keyword itself, enabling a full coverage of potential search options. 4Ps also broke campaigns down into match types to enable efficient reporting and much easier optimisation/ad hoc campaign extensions.

To increase the CTR and to be more competitive in the results page 4Ps also worked to use Storage Kings own business data to created ad customizers which enabled ad copy to be regularly updated at a large scale. The primary focus of this was to create ad copy highlighting the price points against competitors using monthly averages for the physical locations.


Due to the amount of locations and the size of the campaigns that needed creating this was no easy task. The seasonality of the storage industry also proved difficult as such a large strategic change could not be implemented without risking the existing performance of the account.

4Ps therefore worked offline on this build using a planned process and information about existing Storage King Customers for each location. This was introduced in the lower enquiry periods of the New Year and gradually phased in with older campaigns being run in parallel. During this process bids on old campaign were gradually decreased whilst new campaigns were increased, thus allowing new campaigns time to bed in with data before they were the sole source of enquiries.


In the first 3 months of the year the account has grown substantially. CPA across all 13 stores has decreased by 30.5% whilst there has been an 82% increase in enquiries. The CPC has improved by 4% and quality score by 7% over the 3 months whilst overall CTR has improved by 191.6% YoY. The ad customizer ads had a 10% CTR over this period compared to a 5% account average.

High focus stores for the Storage King business (Jan –March, 2015 vs 2016):

Examples of ad customisation in action:

“The team at 4Ps recognised that our individual store locations needed more focus than the immediate area and that our account had grown and become heavy over time. Thanks to the combined effort of the restructure and the dynamic ad copy we’re seeing an increase in our conversions and a decrease in our cost of sale.” – Rachel Hardman, Marketing Manager

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