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Understanding Modern Day Search

At our annual conference, Digital EDGEucation, Matt Delaforce talked about modern day search, and how it has changed over time.

Did you know That understanding your target audience is a ranking factor?

The thought that people think in keywords is absurd to us, and yet this is how many brands think in terms of their search marketing strategies. Instead, we need to think about answering the questions that people are asking, even if it’s before they’ve asked.

Rather than search engines matching up keywords with search queries as has happened in the past, the experience is becoming more and more human. Semantic search, since the roll out of the Hummingbird update from Google, means that this entirely separate algorithm empowers you to really focus on the production of content fully focused around topics of interest to your audience, while remaining related to your business offering.

In other words, questions around the search term can be answered, with natural language processing enabled.

For example, if someone searched for ‘SEO Agency’ – what is it they are actually looking for?

We need to understand the target audience, and their buying journey.

The buying journey

At 4Ps, we ensure that any search strategy will enable brands to reach their target audience while they are at any point of their buying journey.


When they are at the Awareness stage of the funnel, doing broad research around a topic area, but certainly not ready to buy.


At the Consideration phase, they might be looking at something more specific, or comparing products or services with competitors.


Finally, brands need to be there when the audience are in the Conversion phase. They are ready to buy and know what they want. This means that the brand needs to make the process of purchasing as easy as possible.

From the list of Google Beliefs, the three that most relate to this include:

1. Focus on the user and all else will follow

2. Fast is better than slow

3. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer

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