Here at 4Ps Marketing one of the SEO teams has been devising a genius plan to win the office Christmas decoration prize.

As a leading search agency, 4Ps Marketing has upped the ante this year and given pixel art a try, introducing the #NintendoSanta post-it note picture. Nintendo Santa stands on the wall of the 4Ps office surrounded in a mosaic of blue at a whopping 7ft tall. The Santa is made of post-it notes and displays a Super Mario themed Santa Claus jumping over a chimney, with his sack over his shoulder.

Santa Post It Art

It took a total of four hours to complete, and some thorough preparation. Firstly the blueprints were drawn in pixels, then counted and after some strenuous research scouring the internet for the correct colours, materials were ordered and delivered just in time for the intended creation evening. The final element included festive music and cheer, whilst the team took to the wall with post-its. 4Ps Marketing drew inspiration from the French ‘Post-it war’ developed by computer game company Ubisoft. Ubisoft began the war when posting a small space invader out of post-it notes in their office window. Not long after Paribas bank, whose offices are opposite to Ubisoft, posted another picture which was bigger and more complex. Ubisoft retaliated and the ‘post-it war’ begun, spreading through France and now globally. All in all 4Ps Marketing is really pleased with the outcome of its 8-bit style post-it note art.

The SEO team responsible for the artwork has promised more to follow, including additional Christmas surprises and a very special video, but more on this will be revealed at a later date. Look out for more 4Ps Christmas competition entries and developments, and follow the team’s Christmas progression on Twitter and Google + at #NintendoSanta.

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