It is clear to see that there is currently a shift in the trend for marketing strategies as more and more companies are adopting digital marketing practices over traditional marketing methods.

Social Media consists of social networking, blog posts and videos to name but a few. Whereas SEO consists of optimising online information in order to make it more accessible via organic search. The integration of Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the ways in which this new marketing trend is taking place. This form of digital marketing can often withstand a cut back in resources whilst still attempting to improve company’s marketing performance.

The distinct benefits of Social Media and SEO  integration are that they can work together to increase brand awareness, increase social network discovery via search engines and drive traffic to optimised URLs. The most successful way to utilise this integration is often to brain storm your requirements and target goals. Firstly, identify your contextual consumer submarket, followed by making sure your end goal is measurable and then finally planning what strategies to implement in order to achieve this.

Social Media and SEO are such an important combination because practising one is not always an efficient use of resources without the other. Imagine implementing a social media marketing strategy that cannot be found via search engines. It would result in an inefficient use of time and resources if potential visitors would not be able to locate the information. Alternatively, if a site is fully optimised without any form of Social Media it is often still regarded as a form of inefficiency where all digital marketing channels are not being utilised. Social Media encourages user participation through sharing, commenting and linking information. It enhances content distribution and brand awareness, easing SEO link building pressure.

Social Media and SEO can work together to achieve a diverse range of online content exposure. They can help generate more traffic, relative to a site operating without either of these strategies and in turn hold the potential to result in a significant number of relevant inbound links.

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