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Sweaty Betty Transition To Universal Analytics

Sweaty Betty are an international active wear retailer focusing on inspiring women to find “empowerment through fitness”. As well as selling online, they have a substantial catalogue and boutique customer base with over 30 stores across the UK and 2 stores in the US.

Sweaty Betty approached 4Ps Marketing to help with a transition to Universal Analytics and to provide greater transparency of website performance across the business, in particular the value of content plugins such as Amplience.

4Ps Marketing held several workshops before producing a measurement plan. The idea of these was to involve key stakeholders in the business as well as other important individuals such as their external web development agency.

The output of the workshops was a measurement plan which then led to an implementation plan, documenting the custom dimensions and metrics we would create along with the necessary tagging required to collect this data.

Custom Dimensions

Sweaty Betty had a URL taxonomy which made it difficult to identify particular types of content or product. We used hit level dimensions to record content and product level attributes. We also used a user level custom dimension to record whether a customer had “No Orders”, “Single Orders” or “Multiple Orders” and the month and year of their last transaction. This would allow us to segment and see whether or not any given marketing activity marketing was attracting existing customers.

Custom Metrics

We recorded Add to Basket and Add to Wishlist as a custom metrics, this allowed us to be able to produce Analytics Dashboards to show which products customers viewed and added to their basket, but also produce a full product performance dashboard showing abandonment.

eCommerce tracking code was added to the “Thank You” page. As well as tracking revenue and sales we used this information to calculate abandonment rates.

Event Tracking

Throughout the site users are able to interact with various features. These interactions were grouped into logical groupings at an Event Category level, the interaction type at the Event Action level and the Event Label used to record the value a user selected. These interactions were recorded with any hit and page level Custom Dimensions.

An example of where this has shown real value is recording how users interact with amplience. All interactions are stored with an Event Category of amplience-interaction with the Label storing the particular amplience feature the user interacted with and the Event Action storing the unique identifier (these were reversed by the third party developer). This allows us to segment the use of amplience to understand its value.

Data Visualisation

Sweaty Betty have a number of content areas on their website, (such as guides and their community section), as well as the usual product and checkout pages on an Ecommerce site. They were keen to know whether these aided a visitor’s potential to buy, hindered or neither. We decided to break this down by content type rather than bundle them together so we could get an accurate picture of what did or did not contribute to sales.

We created a number of segments for visitors who did or did not visit the content areas in a session and when content was viewed whether a visitor did or did not interact with any amplience on the page, when applicable. We then used these segments with the Universal Analytics Ecommerce report, primarily looking at Conversion Rate and Average Order Value.

We created a dashboard and used their site average as a benchmark. A couple of things we noticed were that the Trainer Guide had consistently lower than average conversion rate, whereas Size Guide was noticeably above it. This fits with customers doing research online and then buying instore in the first instance and double checking they have the right size for products like tops in the second. Over time the different content types will generate their own benchmarks and we’ll be able to spot behaviours that are out of character for themselves as well as compared to the site overall.

The Insights

Sweaty Betty’s online and in-store sides of their business are closely aligned from a customer’s point of view and they even run free exercises classes in their stores for members. Therefore to get a much more complete picture of their customers’ behaviour we have recommended they take advantage of the User ID functionality within Universal Analytics. Do the free exercise classes just create a feel good factor with the brand or do they actually generate revenue and more loyal customers?

Additionally, if User ID functionality was set-up we would be able to see what role the website and the content on it, shops, promotions and different devices play in a customer’s relationship with Sweaty Betty. We could see how this differs by demographic, location and marketing channel enabling Sweaty Betty to tailor their messages and offerings accordingly.

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