The latest crackdown from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is aimed at Vlogger Advertising. It’s one to watch for any brands who work with Vloggers with giveaways and reviews:

The ASA, which makes the rules for adverts in the UK, are warning video bloggers that they are at risk of breaching advertising rules by not stating when they are advertising a product.

Those vloggers already affected by the ASA ruling have now changed the descriptions of their videos to make it clear they are paid advertisements, but the ASA said it would be looking at online videos much more closely in the future.

Vlogger Advertising
Watch Out Zoella!

A 4Ps Opinion on Vlogger Advertising

“I’m surprised that this sort of thing has been able to go on for as long as it has done on YouTube – I guess it’s just a sign of how out of touch the regulators are when it comes to future technology.

I think the best way YouTube (and other video services) can deal with this is to allow the uploader the option to tick a box when they upload a video indicating that it’s got paid product placement in the video.

At Waffle Wednesday (our internal search discussions) this morning, I made the embarrassing confession that I’d seen the Product Placement logo when X Factor comes on TV. I don’t see any reason why this sort of indication can’t work on YouTube? The idea is that if, for instance, Beats have provided branded headphones to people on the show with the intent of gaining coverage, this is product placement.

More info can be found on the Ofcom site, here’s a news article from when the product placement logo launched.”

Jeff Mainwood, 4Ps

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