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WGSN PPC Account Restructure


WGSN is the world’s leading fashion and consumer trend forecasting service. They are trusted by over 6,000 businesses worldwide, from Nike to New Look, Samsung to Starbucks and Coach to Coca-Cola. 4Ps were hired to increase leads through their website.

the Problem

The AdWords account was large and unorganised; the set up was making it difficult to manage where the WGSN budget was being spent, resulting in high cost-per-clicks (CPCs) and consequently a high cost-per-lead (CPL) as well.

The Solution

The 4Ps paid search team were drafted in to fully restructure the account. Due to it being a global strategy, we would take a granular approach and split up campaigns by market, language and match type. This would help address the issues we had with inflated costs and minimal budget control.


The pure scale of the task meant that we had to be organised and disciplined throughout the process. The account was currently targeting 36 countries, and the brief was to expand to 80 countries. The granular approach we took meant there was a large number of new campaigns to build and eventually manage.


After launching the restructured account, we had hundreds of additional campaigns, and whilst we knew we had put ourselves in a much better position following the restructure, we then had to ensure we had solid processes in place, to manage traffic and focus on driving continual improvements in performance.

Being able to closely manage where our budget is being spent (by country, by language and by match type) meant that we quickly saw improvements in cost metrics. Year to date, we saw a 28% uplift in clicks and a further 75% rise in leads.

Importantly for us and WGSN, these leads were being generated at a CPL 26% lower than in 2014.

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