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What Does Integrated Really Mean?

Here’s our story that unfolded at Marketing Week Live in June 2013. For a business that champions the customer, we start with us. Why? because that is where you start from too. But we hope our presentation revealed why we have changed how we do business and why you should too. And that doing that means your business is best placed to grow.

4Ps Marketing is an independently owned, search marketing aency based in London.

We are specialists in:

It’s a mouthful, isn’t it? So we now proudly talk about ourselves as strategic digital marketers.

Our clients understand “strategy”, “digital” and “marketing”. And they want help with it all.

So our shift reflects our customer language. We’ve also shifted to meet our customer needs – our teams are built of our experts in SEO, PPC, and blogger outreach. But they are organised by our clients’ markets – travel, retail, education, publishing, fashion and so on.

Why? Because integrated marketing simply means a better return on investment. Our campaigns are better targeted; our on-going work better focused on our clients needs and, with our vertical focus, we understand the consumer experience.

Our Integrated Marketing Approach Results

Liberty: Using a combination of advertising means and careful customer segmentation achieved a 40% increase revenue in the US and a 55% increase in Australia.

Jamie Oliver: We found some business opportunities for Jamie Oliver by making them realise the customer demand for omlette and quiche recipes – as yet untapped by the brand.

Growth Accelerator: This B2B brand saw a 60% increase in search traffic and paid search conversion as a result of a content strategy campaign.

We’re now working with the Spectator to extend this – from integrated online to integrated on and off-line. We’re doing this to grow subscriptions.

It is important to act and do as though you were a customer. Start by mystery shopping. Can you actually find and buy what you want? Think then about how your employees can help the customer. Remove barriers (which are largely internal) so that the time you take to reach customers isn’t wasted by customers dropping out and get all your internal teams and agencies working together.

Integrated marketing means an improved bottom line. We can help deliver that.

4Ps isn’t just another SEO agency. To discuss how SEO and search ecosystems are evolving together in order to keep pace with new developments in user interaction and analytics, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and user behaviour across all inbound channels. What could a 4Ps performance marketing strategy do for your business?