What are the Women in Search Awards?

The Drum and Google have launched the Women in Search Awards this year, and are looking for your help to find the more innovative and creative Women in Search in 2015.

“Google, in association with The Drum, has launched an initiative to highlight the most creative and innovative women working in the search industry. Google believes that Search should be as diverse as the 2.5 billion people it serves.”

why vote for serena in the women in search awards?

Serena, which many of you have worked with in one way or another, is an inspirational leader here at 4Ps, and beyond.

As our Head of Consumer, Serena has led the growth of the consumer department by 41% in the past year while consecutively heading up the paid search department too. This highly competitive market requires strong leadership and a highly passionate individual for the sector, ensuring they’re ahead of their client’s competitors at all times. The team has grown significantly with a focus on the luxury market, where there has been substantial development. In her role as the head of the paid search team, she ensures that across the different sectors, the team remains up to date with the latest developments in the industry, ensuring best practice and advanced techniques are used to create the best strategies and results for clients.

The voting is now closed, but you can keep informed on Serena’s progression through the nomination process here.

Women in Search

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