If your business is planning to launch a new website in the next 6-12 months then a website migration or launch project should be on your radar. Reskinning a website is a different matter (and offers its own organic search opportunities) but a complete site rebuild, usually intended to migrate between CMS platforms or heavily revise site structure, can have serious implications for your search visibility.

A Typical Website Migration with No SearcH Strategy

This is an all-too-common example of a website migration which does not include proper consideration of SEO and search visibility as a key part of the project.Site Migration - No Project

With no strategy in place to manage the search visibility for the new website or consider the SEO implications of changing site structure and content, search visibility drops sharply after launch and is extremely difficult to recover. As revenue takes a drop just after a major relaunch from an often costly project, there are usually serious implications for businesses.

Consultant-Aided Website Migration With A Search Strategy

Site Migration With Search Strategy

With a search strategy fully integrated into the launch and website migration process, this website’s traffic levels were unaffected by the launch and have continued to rise in line with organic growth targets. Involving one of our expert SEO consultants in your website launch and migration process ensures a sound investment for your business rather than one fraught with unacceptable levels of risk for such a critical component of your marketing.

Our in depth website migration consulting service provides in depth guidance at multiple touchpoints during your site’s design and development process, including post-launch reviews and testing to ensure a completely holistic strategy is in place.

Each website launch and migration project is tailored to the client’s needs and we work closely with designers and developers at all stages to ensure your new site will meet your business goals and grow your search visibility. Just some of the typical items on a website migration search project plan include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • URL and domain structure recommendations
  • Wireframe and design reviews
  • Code level optimisation
  • Semantic markup
  • Redirection planning
  • Content mapping and keyword/topic research
  • Analytics tracking implementation and measurement planning – part of our analytics consulting services
  • Social markup including Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  • Multimedia SEO best practices
  • Mobile SEO considerations including site speed reviews
  • Local SEO recommendations

To find out more or ask about a bespoke solution for your website migration, or to discuss how an upcoming web launch could impact your business objectives give us a call on 0207 607 5650 today.

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