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Mobile Marketing 2013 – Media Integration

February 1, 2013

Mobile Marketing 2013 – Media Integration

As an advocate of integrating digital marketing channels and a believer in complete end-to-end campaign delivery, I can attest that at a granular level, many marketers still fail to deliver their content to the right users at the right time. This often leads to a disjointed brand image across multiple mediums.

To really understand how mobile can target users in a manner that is in keeping with the brand, we must first look at where a mobile and device orientated strategy fits within the media plan. Although mobile and, more recently, device marketing is not new within the digital space, many brands are only just beginning to understand how to apply it. By reaching out to a user via a mobile or other device, you are engaging with them in a much more personal space than a TV or a laptop. With this in mind, it is key that you engage in such a way that will not alienate this audience.

Print and Offline Integration

As marketers, we are often asked: “How do we integrate both our online and offline advertising?” and it is a smart question.

The integration of digital technology and print is becoming more and more common, leading to consumers actively engaging with offline media. Following this trend, traditional channels and ambient media are changing to include direct calls to action, leading to conversion touch points or purchase. Understanding this integration is essential in developing a campaign, but you also need a detailed understanding of the role that mobile and devices play in the process.

Many retailers and service providers are integrating QR codes into their print media, as well as making use of NFC (Near Field Communication) to provide offers, coupons and further information directly to users. Many users will also seek out social elements such as Twitter handles and Facebook fan page URLs, as well as websites to find out more about a product or service. These channels are also ideal for receiving direct feedback from your audience.

The Future is Universal

2013 will start to see more sophisticated strategies across multiple platforms, with a focus on how consumers use new and emerging devices and hardware. It is already evident that most companies are beginning to integrate brand strategies across various digital mediums, uniting display with mobile platforms and, Google has now introduced cross platform tracking in Universal Google Analytics. Such developments will allow marketers to deliver a clear universal campaign and measure its success.

It is clear that a mobile and device orientated strategy is evolving from a useful tool to an essential integrated channel at a fast pace. At 4Ps Marketing, we are ensuring that mobile and device strategy is incorporated within all marketing mediums to provide complete end-to-end delivery.

You can see more on Mobile Marketing from my previous post on Mobile Marketing Trendsetters here: http://www.4psmarketing.com/blog/mobile-marketing-2013-the-trendsetters.

If you’d like to discuss some of these concepts in more detail, please drop us an email on Marketing@4PsMarketing.com or Tweet any questions to @4PsMarketing

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Written by
James Green
James Green
Digital Account Manager
E: James.Green@4PsMarketing.com
T: 0207 607 5657

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